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The realization of the great need of support and contribution in various sectors of the existing problems is the major factor to bring HOME AND LIFE FOUNDATION (HALF) into existence. Specially, the targeted sectors are- abandoned children(orphans),underprivileged women, unemployed youths, climate change and disaster risk management. The motto of this organization is —” BE NOT WEARY IN WELL DOING.

Introducing HOME AND LIFE FOUNDATION, the organization was christened by this name to draw the attention of multitudes of the society, have a look at it and at least think something about it. The organization was named thus to fulfill its main objectives to provide the perfect home for the lost, abandoned, forsaken, homeless and hopeless people, provide an opportunity to the women and youths empowering them through life skill training and to revive the life within them to live it to the fullest. Moreover in the support of this group the organization manages to work in the issues of climate change and disaster risk management. We believe, a human in absence of opportunity can do nothing but in its presence can do everything. Every opportunity barred people are — ORCHIDS IN THE WILD YET TO KNOW ITS COLOUR. Our effort is to create an environment and platform of opportunity which will really generate great pleasure and happiness in the hearts of millions!!!!


HOME AND LIFE FOUNDATION (HALF) — a safe and perfect home for hopeless and homeless lives is the NGO based in Nepal. It was officially registered as per the rule of government in 2008 A.D. It is situated in Kathmandu — the capital city of Nepal.We have set on our pace for the great warfare to raid and conquer the nation and the world through our objectives.

The main objectives of our organization are highlighted below point wise:

  1. To provide a home for the orphans and lead them ahead to encounter blessed future.
  2. To organize different types of skillful training to equip unemployed youths, women and people under poverty line so as to uplift their economic status.
  3. To organize awareness programs in the midst of drug abusers and HIV/AIDS infected personnel and guide them to live the victorious life.
  4. To mobilize those youths and women benefited through our organization in different social activities for the welfare of the nation.
  5. To move ahead hand — in — hand with other organizations carrying similar visions and goals.

It is to be accepted that an organizational goals cannot be achieved by solo performance. So, the team of our organization is laboring hard continually in the midst of every difficulties and challenges willingly, heartily , unitedly and delicately to grab the grand success.



A little effort can accomplish great goals


One Dollar / Euro a day can enhance the targeted group’s future.


To withstand every challenges and difficulties for the welfare of underprivileged groups.

INTRODUCTION: The realization of the great need of support and contribution in various sectors of the existing problems is the major factor to bring HOME

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