With a view of equipping skills in the hands of every unemployed youngster, we organize different types of skillful training. Training is meant for the following reasons:

i) To equip skills in every hand.

ii) To discipline the gained knowledge in practical form.

iii) To stand still in the adverse situation of life. We believe that a skillful hand is a hard-working hand and n earning hand. By training the youths we want to hand over the best options in their hands so that they can make optimum use of that. This way they can live a better life for themselves d for others too.
We conduct different types of training in order to raise hope in the lives of many underprivileged youths. So, to make the project effective, we have named it “HOPE-PROJECT.” HOPE is the abbreviation of ” House Of Products Essential.” We want to see every home with every essential thing prepared at home by the skill equipped hands through HOME AND LIFE FOUNDATION.